Banshee, Dark Rose

When I was little I often stayed with my grandparents in Dublin, and for years they schooled me in Irish myth and legend, and the folklore of this country. While my grandfather stuck to the more traditional, well known stories- the Children of Lir, the Salmon of Knowledge, my Granny would (and still does) tell…

Pirate Queen, Sunrise

I started mulling over this print when we were road tripping around the west coast last summer and happened upon the remains of the Cara na Mara on the beach at Bunbeg. I love ruins, wrecks and derelict buildings- I wonder who lived and worked there and what kind of lives revolved around these now…

Summer Daze

So apparently the best way to style an Éadach silk is with an azure pool and sunglasses! Who would have thought a brand hailing from the rugged north coast of Ireland would look so at home in hazy sunshine?

A Winter Sunset

Hi, my name’s Sara and I’m a sunset spammer. Seriously. Show me a sunset and I’ll show you at least five new Instagram posts. Really though, can you blame me? We were heading to the beach last night, hopped out of the van and straight into a fairground in the sky. It was insane. And…

Salty Sea Dog

This little scribble is my homage to our sea-loving retriever, Blyton. This guy is never happier than when he’s galloping around the beach and swimming in the sea, with the possible exception of the joy when he hears the toaster pop. I honestly think he believes he is a seal. One day I will write…


A mermaid found a swimming lad, Picked him up for her own, Pressed her body to his body, Laughed; and plunging down Forgot in cruel happiness That even lovers drown.     WB Yeats  It’s possibly becoming quite apparent (especially for anyone that follows me on Twitter) that I have something of a Yeats obsession….

Rathlin Island

Sometimes I think I’d love to live on an island far away from everything, surrounded by the sea, sending drawings back to mainland via carrier gull. Until such times, daytrips to Rathlin are awesome.      

Bloody Foreland

After a couple of hectic months shooting the AW15 campaigns an unexpectedly sunny weekend in Donegal was total perfection. Bloody Foreland is such a remote and gorgeously wild part of Donegal, a beautiful place with a timeless, peaceful atmosphere that belies its local folklore.

Maeve Roe Silk Print

‘Betrothed to one man but in love with another, she was held captive by her father in a turret of the castle perched high on the craggy rocks. On a wild and stormy night her beloved came to rescue her, and they escaped through the Mermaid’s cave under the castle. The sea was cruel and…