Summer Daze

So apparently the best way to style an Éadach silk is with an azure pool and sunglasses! Who would have thought a brand hailing from the rugged north coast of Ireland would look so at home in hazy sunshine?

North Coast Sunsets

‘Had I the heavens’ embroidered cloths…’ Sometimes they do appear embroidered, sometimes painterly, at times pretty and pastel like ice-cream and candyfloss, others vibrant, fierce and molten as if the sky is burning up. Always awesome and often stand-still-and-stare hypnotic. For me, they are one of my favourite things about living on the coast again…

Rathlin Island

Sometimes I think I’d love to live on an island far away from everything, surrounded by the sea, sending drawings back to mainland via carrier gull. Until such times, daytrips to Rathlin are awesome.