Summer Daze

So apparently the best way to style an Éadach silk is with an azure pool and sunglasses! Who would have thought a brand hailing from the rugged north coast of Ireland would look so at home in hazy sunshine?

A Winter Sunset

Hi, my name’s Sara and I’m a sunset spammer. Seriously. Show me a sunset and I’ll show you at least five new Instagram posts. Really though, can you blame me? We were heading to the beach last night, hopped out of the van and straight into a fairground in the sky. It was insane. And…

Lost Souls Silk Print

We live near the beautiful Whiterocks beach, and walk there most days with our dog, Blyton. When walking on the cliffs one day, my fiancé Al (who as a big wave surfer has an extremely detailed knowledge of the coastlines in Ireland and far beyond) pointed to a dark shadow just under the water and told me this was a shipwreck, no more than fifteen foot off the beach.