The Morrigan Skinny Scarf

A product of dreams, memories and coincidences, this print draws on the story of the Morrigan, the shape-shifting Celtic Goddess of War, Fate and Death. Her alter ego is the black bird, a crow or raven, that famously perched on the shoulder of Celtic hero Cú Chulainn in the throes of death. Like so many…

Summer Daze

So apparently the best way to style an Éadach silk is with an azure pool and sunglasses! Who would have thought a brand hailing from the rugged north coast of Ireland would look so at home in hazy sunshine?

Salty Sea Dog

This little scribble is my homage to our sea-loving retriever, Blyton. This guy is never happier than when he’s galloping around the beach and swimming in the sea, with the possible exception of the joy when he hears the toaster pop. I honestly think he believes he is a seal. One day I will write…

Rathlin Island

Sometimes I think I’d love to live on an island far away from everything, surrounded by the sea, sending drawings back to mainland via carrier gull. Until such times, daytrips to Rathlin are awesome.