I’m quite obsessed with drawing, I honestly think I have a 3b addiction, and although much of the illustration work I do is commercial work I do like to work on my own little personal scribbles when I have time. To compliment the aesthetic, inspiration and ethos of my Éadach silks I’ve worked on a…

Limited Edition Silk Scarves

Éadach scarves are 130cm x 130 cm silk twill with a hand rolled edge. The scarves are deliberately large to create a very versatile, luxurious garment- they can be worn as a shawl, sarong, twisted into a top or a turban. They even make fabulous wall hangings. These pieces add absolute luxury to everyday- being…

Banshee: Storm

When I was little I often stayed with my grandparents in Dublin, and for years they schooled me in Irish myth and legend, and the folklore of this country. While my grandfather stuck to the more traditional, well known stories- the Children of Lir, the Salmon of Knowledge, my Granny would (and still does) tell…

Maeve Roe Silk Print

‘Betrothed to one man but in love with another, she was held captive by her father in a turret of the castle perched high on the craggy rocks. On a wild and stormy night her beloved came to rescue her, and they escaped through the Mermaid’s cave under the castle. The sea was cruel and…

Pirate Queen: Sunset

I started mulling over this print when we were road tripping around the west coast last summer and happened upon the remains of the Cara na Mara on the beach at Bunbeg. I love ruins, wrecks and derelict buildings- I wonder who lived and worked there and what kind of lives revolved around these now decaying structures.

Lost Souls Silk Print

We live near the beautiful Whiterocks beach, and walk there most days with our dog, Blyton. When walking on the cliffs one day, my fiancé Al (who as a big wave surfer has an extremely detailed knowledge of the coastlines in Ireland and far beyond) pointed to a dark shadow just under the water and told me this was a shipwreck, no more than fifteen foot off the beach.

The Story of Éadach

Stylist and illustrator Sara O’Neill has combined her two passions- fashion and art- with her love of the coast to create a range of luxury printed textiles.