The Morrigan Skinny Scarf

A product of dreams, memories and coincidences, this print draws on the story of the Morrigan, the shape-shifting Celtic Goddess of War, Fate and Death. Her alter ego is the black bird, a crow or raven, that famously perched on the shoulder of Celtic hero Cú Chulainn in the throes of death.


Like so many strong characters in Irish mythology, she represents female power and energy and is known as a protector, having the ability to allow a person to draw on their inner strength.



The print is also a homage to the music, literature, art and fashion I loved during my teenage goth years. This is embodied by musician Alana Henderson. Working with Alana and her music, darkly beautiful and haunting with a rock n roll edge, inspired the styling of this scarf.

The face of this scarf is musician Alana Henderson. We are so blessed inIrish mythology and history to have a wealth of strong women to inspire us, and in my work I’m lucky enough to meet some awesomely strong, unique and inspiring woman- Alana being one of them.

Designed for The Marvel Room, Brown Thomas 2016 and now available directly from Sara or from Bohemian Vixen and at BTS Concept Store.


Price: £100

Size: 203cm x 14 cm

Double sized silk twill

Ltd Ed 300


Photos: Joseph Jude Make-up: Sharon Watson

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