Éadach’s Royal Seal of Approval!

A couple of weeks ago at the launch of our Drawn to the Sea exhibition I had a chat with the lovely Mayor of the Causeway Coast and Glens. She had a ‘special’ event coming up an wondered would I be free to rustle up an outfit? Turns out, she was thinking of something from the Éadach range, but due to her mayoral bling, a scarf was not an option.

It was only at the first fitting I found out how special this event was- the Queen was coming over to unveil a statue in Bushmills to commemorate the Battle of the Somme and the Mayor would be her host for the day! Things to take in to account- was there a particular dress code when meeting the Queen? What would she herself be wearing? I knew that she liked her outfits to reference the country she was visiting so green seemed the obvious choice, but after her vivid green ensemble at her birthday earlier in the month I wasn’t sure. The outfit had to be comfortable and fit Maura’s style most importantly. We opted for the Lost Souls silk- the soft blue was beautiful on Maura and wouldn’t jar with any other outfits, and the print itself is inspired by the north coast, Whiterocks beach so it was a nice little nod to the visit. We squeezed in a few fittings around Maura’s hectic schedule and my trips to Dublin and came up with a softly structured silk coat, the wings of the print work across the back and shoulders. Assuming that it might be a blustery day, as most are on the coast, I sewed 5ps into the hem to stop it billowing too much, but still allowing that gorgeous natural flow of silk.

On the day Maura totally rocked her wings, and happily the tones of the outfits complimented the others perfectly.





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