Brown Thomas Create: The Éadach Collection

So after a few months of musing, scribbling, designing, sampling, deadlines and packing (and just the odd tantrum) the new Éadach collection will be launching in Brown Thomas on Tuesday.

There have been sneak peeks- my Children of Lir dress for the Belfast Telegraph Woman of the Years Awards, and sketches in our Drawn to the Sea exhibition, but for the most part I’ve kept the new prints under wraps. I’m delighted to finally share them with you.

The new prints have obviously retained many aspects of original prints, some accidentally, some by request. Of course, they are all inspired by Irish myth and legend, strong female characters, the north coast. The big difference is in the colour palette. I wanted to move on from the blues that dominate the first collection into pinks, reds and neutrals to provide a broader colour spectrum. These colours are still new inspired by nature, but now the sunrise rather than sunset, the rocks of the mountains rather than the cliffs.

The collection did not come about without a little drama. After my initial meeting with BT I missed the email telling me they’d love to stock Éadach, and it was only when I received a follow up email when shooting in Marbella that I realised this collection needed to happen, and fast. Luckily, I’d been mulling it over for months so when it came to putting pencil to paper it all flowed. After a few all nighters, two crashed Macs, a corrupted file, a lot of Fleetwood Mac, one almighty tantrum and more coffee and Diet Coke than I care to remember, here are the results…


Children of Lir
Pirate Queen: Sunrise
Queen Medb
Banshee: Dark Rose


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