Irish Fashion Innovation Awards

I was delighted to be shortlisted in the Accessory Designer of the Year category in this year’s Irish Fashion Innovation Awards, which took place in Galway. It was a privilege to be nominated for such a prestigious award, have my work seen by such an esteemed panel (Deirdre McQuillan, fashion editor of the Irish Times, along with Eddie Shanahan, chairperson of the Council of Irish Fashion Designers.) and my collection on the catwalk alongside fabulous Irish designers including Mariad Whisker, so early into the development of Éadach.


We arrived in Galway at sunrise, having been at a book launch in Dublin the previous evening (Diana Bucini’s The Pursuit of Awesome, which has a chapter about Al) to be greeted by a stunning sky..


..and spent the day catching up on some work, at model fittings and bumming about Galway. What a stunning city!

The event itself was fab, in Galway’s Raddisson Blu hotel. Galway girls certainly know how to dress up!! Being a naturally scruffy beggar, and having got dressed in the back of the transit (we had roadtripped down, with Blyton the dog of course) I was glad I had opted for my own Pirate Queen silk dress, as it makes an impression so I don’t have to..

Those Glam Galway Girls
With my ‘rents, who came down for a bit of support!

The show was excellent, with stunning models and slick production. As I’m always backstage styling during shows it was a treat to pop out the front to see my collection on the catwalk. I’m not sure I’ll ever relinquish control and actually take a seat at the show though!!



Producer Eddie Shanahan made a really interesting point during the show. All designers showcasing their collection had established and developed their brand during the recession. I thought this was a brilliant and very relevant point. So many brands didn’t last during the past decade or so, and with social media being what it is, people can and do call themselves whatever they want- designer, stylist, model, make-up artist. It was refreshing to see brands that are actually businesses- talented people working hard to succeed against the economic odds!

Pirate Queen
Lost Souls

In the accessory category, the fabulous Kinsale Leather took the award, but honestly as cheesy as it sounds, I really was delighted just to be there! Bringing the northcoast to Galway bay 🙂

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