Limited Edition Silk Scarves

Éadach scarves are 130cm x 130 cm silk twill with a hand rolled edge. The scarves are deliberately large to create a very versatile, luxurious garment- they can be worn as a shawl, sarong, twisted into a top or a turban. They even make fabulous wall hangings. These pieces add absolute luxury to everyday- being swathed in silk is a great way to get dressed in the morning!

lostsouls floating
Lost Souls oversized silk scarf £180.
Christmas Wrapping

Éadach scarves are personalised with a beautiful story behind each print, all wrapped up to look picture perfect. The scarves themselves are highly coveted, adored by musicians and models, artists and A-listers.

photo 2
Pirate Queen silk in BTS Concept Store.
photo 5
Pirate Queen silk wall hanging £200.

Each print is from a limited edition run of 300, and comes with a numbered authenticity certificate. The silk is sourced from and printed in China- their ages old silk heritage and the myth and legend surrounding it, as well as the beautiful quality of the fabric and print makes it is a perfect fit for Éadach..

‘China is the earliest country raising silkworms and weaving silk. Silk is not only a noble costuming, but a precious artwork. It contains abundant cultural meanings and historical values, representing China’s age-old splendid culture. The silk trade promoted the large-scale economic and cultural exchange between the West and East, and made a great contribution to the development of human culture. And as a Chinese, I am really proud of that.’ Bo, silk printer.

Each piece is elegantly packaged with gorgeous personal touches in packaging made from recycled materials in the UK.

Everything should come wrapped in tissue, ribbons and fresh flowers.


photo 2
Gathering shells for Éadach parcels.

Working as a stylist for almost a decade, and as an illustrator for five years, Sara has a fantastic understanding of colour and has brought this understanding through into her Éadach print design.

Backstage at Derry Fashion fest

The colours she uses are inspired by nature, and the tones and hues extracted from the natural world are always the most beautiful and harmonious. Always the stylist, Sara believes that the colours worn near the face should always flatter the wearer, and so she has designed her prints bearing in mind the concept of colour theory.

To order a ltd ed Éadach piece please fill out the form below and Sara will get back to you.

£10 from the sale of each animal/bird inspired scarf goes to the fantastic Lucy’s Trust, giving unwanted dogs a home.

Banshee Print
Maeve Roe scarf at BTS Concept Store

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